Live Events & Webinars for HBCUs

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Because attending in-person events increases your risk of getting and spreading COVID-19, HBCUs are encouraged to provide virtual alternatives. Just as many other schools and businesses have taken work and learning online, HBCUs can use online tools and social media to host events and share information. 

Sample events

  • Live Q&A on vaccination experience (can be a small group)

    This moderated forum lets people hear from a panel of college staff and students who’ve already been vaccinated. Panel members will share their experiences and take questions from viewers. Example topics to cover include campus quarantine procedures, ways to be social while physically distancing, and how to support isolated friends.
  •  Athletes and campus student leader Q&A (can be a larger group)

    This moderated forum lets people hear from a panel of student leaders and athletes who’ve either received the vaccines or vaccine education. Panel members can share their experiences, discuss misconceptions, and take questions from viewers.
  •  Live medical professional Q&A

    In this moderated forum, students and staff will hear from and ask questions of medical professionals or first responders who serve community.


    • "Vaccine Fact Versus Fiction—Webinar"
      This forum addresses suspicions and misinformation regarding vaccine development, safety, and side effects.
    • "Protect Our Learners—Webinar"
      This forum concerns how we as students and staff can protect ourselves and each other as we engage in remote learning and eventually transition back to life on campus.