Updated Boosters

Updated Vaccines

CDC recommends updated COVID-19 vaccines for ages 12 and up. Now, you can go to vaccines.gov to find an updated COVID vaccine near you.

Vaccines for Young Children

CDC Recommends COVID-19 Vaccines for Children 6 months and older.

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Addressing Vaccine Misconceptions

Tools to help you respond to common misconceptions about COVID-19 and the vaccines.

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CDC Guidance and Recommendations

The latest authoritative information from CDC to guide your outreach efforts.

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New and Featured Resources

Toolkits Pediatricians Toolkit

Pediatricians and Family Physicians Toolkit

This toolkit provides CDC information on COVID-19 vaccination for pediatricians and other medical professionals who care for children. Links take you to resources on the CDC website.

Social Media Social Media Posts About Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

Social Media Posts About Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

Social media messages for organizations to share to encourage people to get updated COVID-19 vaccines.

Toolkits School Communities Toolkit

School Communities Toolkit

Resources for school district leaders, teachers, parent leaders, and school supporters to increase COVID-19 vaccine confidence, answer questions, and outline school guidance about COVID-19.

About the Campaign

The HHS COVID-19 public education campaign is a national initiative to increase public confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines while reinforcing basic prevention measures such as mask wearing and social distancing.

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