Community Call to Action

The Community Call to Action is your weekly way to make a difference and help build vaccine confidence in your community. Each week, we’ll guide you to a topic-specific resource or event that you can share to your networks to inform audiences about COVID-19 vaccines and encourage vaccinations.  

Community Call to Action


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Let's Vax Up America!

Vax Up America!

We’re working hard to help Vax Up America! Join the effort to spread the word about the importance of getting an updated COVID vaccine this holiday season. Explore our Countdown to Thanksgiving Toolkit for information and resources to share with your network, encouraging people to get their updated COVID vaccines as we count down to Thanksgiving.

Get started by sharing today’s post from the toolkit: 1 days until Thanksgiving! For health's sake, get targeted protection against Omicron before you travel for the holiday season. Find updated vaccines for everyone 5+ at #VaxUpAmerica #WeCanDoThis

Or, you can retweet Secretary Xavier Becerra’s post about this effort.

Make sure to check out the toolkit for the rest of the sample social messages and other content you can post every day until Thanksgiving.

Together we can help make sure our friends, loved ones, and communities are protected as we gather across America to celebrate the holidays.

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