About the Campaign

The HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign is a national initiative to increase public confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and educate the public about the availability of COVID treatments while reinforcing basic prevention measures.

Through a nationwide network of trusted messengers and consistent, fact-based public health messaging, the Campaign helps the public make informed decisions about their health and COVID-19, including steps to protect themselves and their communities. 

The effort is driven by communication science and provides tailored information for at-risk groups. 

About Campaign StrategyStrategy and Goals

This effort focuses on Americans who want to protect their health, and may have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. We aim to:

  • Explain how Americans can protect themselves from COVID-19.
  • Strengthen public confidence in the vaccines so people have the science-based information they need to make decisions about getting vaccinated and get protection from the worst outcomes of COVID-19. 
  • Increase vaccine uptake by informing Americans about how and where to get vaccinated.

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PartnersCOVID-19 Community Corps

The Campaign is expanding its reach by engaging with a broad range of groups and individuals, including trusted community organizations, local leaders, and others sharing the goal of increasing vaccine confidence and uptake.

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About Campaign TimelinePublic Education Activities

Our public education activities are organized around these themes:

  • Building Vaccine Confidence: Information and resources to build confidence about the COVID-19 vaccines so people are ready to get vaccinated when it is time.
  • Protecting the Nation: Fact based answers to common questions about vaccine development, safety, and effectiveness.