Facts About the Vaxx for Pregnant People

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Some people are confused or not sure about COVID vaccines for those who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Recently pregnant
  • Trying to become pregnant

Here are the facts about COVID and the vaccines.

If you’re pregnant, COVID can be bad for you and your baby

Pregnant people who get COVID are more likely to:

  • Get very sick
  • Need hospital care
  • Die

Pregnant people with COVID may also be more likely to:

  • Give birth too early
  • Lose their baby before or during delivery
  • Have other pregnancy problems

Babies are more likely to need hospital care for COVID in their first 6 months if their mothers weren’t vaccinated during pregnancy.

It’s safe for you to get a COVID vaccine

Scientists have studied thousands of people who got COVID vaccines before or during pregnancy, and their babies. They haven’t found any issues with getting a vaccine during pregnancy. Nor have they found any issues with getting a vaccine and:

  • Being able to make a baby, including through in vitro fertilization (or IVF)
  • Periods (some see small changes in their period after getting a vaccine, but these changes don’t last long)
  • Puberty

But getting COVID could temporarily affect your, or your partner’s, ability to make a baby.

A COVID vaccine is your best protection against COVID

CDC and leading pregnancy experts all recommend that you get a COVID vaccine right away and stay up to date with your vaccines if you’re:

  • Pregnant
  • Recently pregnant
  • Trying to become pregnant

Getting a COVID vaccine while you’re pregnant lowers your risk of needing hospital care for COVID. It may also protect your baby, who can’t get a COVID vaccine.