Email Template for Encouraging Employees to Get a COVID Vaccine

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To all employees:

[Company Name] cares about your health and safety and that of the people we serve.

That’s why we encourage all our employees to get vaccinated and stay up to date with your COVID vaccine.  

COVID vaccines work well to prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death due to COVID. Vaccination also helps lower your chances of developing Long COVID. But you need to stay up to date with your COVID vaccine to get the most protection. Learn more at

How to find COVID vaccines

Find vaccines near you at

Our commitment to health and safety  

[If your company is offering incentives or assistance to get vaccinated, such as paid time off, explain that here.]

We’ve also taken other expert-recommended steps to keep everyone safer in our workplace [List the precautions your company is taking]:

  • [Properly ventilating the workplace]
  • [Routinely disinfecting high-touch surfaces]
  • [Encouraging employees to wear a high-quality mask around others in the workplace if they:
    • Have symptoms consistent with COVID
    • Are concerned about getting COVID and want the added protection a high-quality mask provides]
  • [Encouraging employees to stay home when sick]

Thank you for helping to keep us all safer in the workplace.  


[Signature block]