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3 Ways Community-Based Organizations Can Promote COVID-19 Vaccination

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Now that children as young as age 5 can get vaccinated, we are one step closer to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. We need organizations like yours to help people in your community, including eligible children, get vaccinated.

What You Can Do

The We Can Do This campaign’s Community-Based Organizations Toolkit has resources, including templates and guides, to help you with the following in your community:

1. Host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Hosting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in a high-traffic location in your community can provide a familiar and convenient place for people to get vaccinated, including people who have historically faced barriers to getting routine medical care like vaccines

Check out the On-Site Vaccination Clinic Toolkit for more information and resources, such as instructions on how to host a vaccine clinic, sample roles and responsibilities, and guidance for how to connect with federal pharmacy partners who can help host vaccine clinics.

2. Become a vaccine ambassador

  • Demonstrate your organization’s trust in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines: Encourage staff and community members to share their COVID-19 vaccination stories on social media and in conversations. Seeing people they know and trust getting COVID-19 vaccines can motivate community members to get vaccinated.
  • Promote the authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5–11: Now that children ages 5–11 are eligible to be vaccinated, the great majority of people in your community can get vaccinated.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest vaccine information by reading and sharing
  • Post information and resources on your organization’s social media channels: You can find materials to post in many different formats and languages on the Resources & Toolkits page of the We Can Do This website.

3. Help people access COVID-19 vaccine

It can be challenging for people to know where to get vaccinated. For one, each provider has a different process for scheduling an appointment, and many providers may use online scheduling tools that not everyone can access.

  • Help people find a vaccine provider: In addition to directing community members to to find vaccine locations near them, offer to guide individuals through using the site or search the site for them. Also encourage individuals to check with their child’s health care provider about whether they offer COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Advertise where walk-in vaccinations are available in the community: Share information through your communications channels about local vaccine providers that provide walk-in vaccinations.
  • Provide transportation: Transportation is a barrier to getting vaccinated. Your organization can help people safely get to and from a vaccine site by arranging transportation for those who may have difficulty getting to their vaccine appointment.